Liquid Web – Best Managed Hosting & Custom Solutions

Liquid Internet is a fully managed web hosting service supplier that provides You managed hosting, managed solutions, and handled software for all your requirements. Liquid Web provides you with high performance managed web hosting infrastructure to allow you power your app or website. Nonetheless, you get access to custom-built server clusters to get all of your demanding projects.

On top of this, Liquid Web Make Certain You have simple hosting that is Optimized for popular programs. The features provided by Liquid Web include dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud committed, private cloud, server clusters, managed WordPress, and handled WooCommerce.

The dedicated servers attribute gives you customizable Single-tenant dedicated servers offering you with the maximum level of security and performance for your app or website. The cloud hosting VPS hosting feature ensures you have the control you need over a dedicated server along with the affordability of this cloud.

On top of this, the cloud dedicated feature offers you with a great Platform to access on-demand single-tenant dedicated servers from the cloud. With such an access, you are able to get dedicated tools and fantastic cloud features.

The cloud sites feature provides you with the easiest and fastest way to start Your website. Nevertheless, the feature offers you using a strong platform which requires no server understanding that you begin. The handled WordPress feature ensures Liquid Internet manages your WordPress installations in addition to your hosting.

Together with the feature, you are able to update WordPress plugins, and many more automatically. Last, Liquid Web through the managed WooCommerce Hosting attribute offers you with an all in one solution for top performing WooCommerce shops.

Liquid Web Pricing

Liquid Web’s pricing for its Apart from Managed Hosting, Liquid Web also offers Managed Solutions (like Reseller Hosting, Server Clusters, and VMware Private Cloud) and Managed Applications (such as Managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, and Premium Business Email Hosting).

Personal VPS Parent

Private VPS Parent allows you To create your very own personal cloud environment, where you can create, rename, resize, clone, or destroy any number of virtual instances. When your virtual cases are generated, you can move them between your Private VPS Parent servers or even into the general public cloud system.

Cloud Committed

Liquid Internet’s managed cloud Hosting offers 100% scalability and 0% sharing. Its cloud-dedicated, bare metal servers provide complete hardware transparency and load balancing to conserve resources. Its servers enable you to optimize and scale anytime for peak performance despite ever-increasing traffic. Priced at $169 to $249 a month, you can choose a plan based on your required RAM, center, and SSD storage.

Dedicated Server

Liquid Internet’s managed dedicated Server solutions arrive in three strategies: Intel Xeon ($199 per month), Intel Silver ($299 to $359 per month), and Intel Gold ($499 to $699 per month). The pricing depends on the allocated bandwidth and storage. You may also choose between a single processor and dual chip servers that are dedicated. This solution is available in self-managed, core controlled, and fully managed options.

Performance and Support

This Permits to Concentrate on bringing value in 2 important ways:

· Better hosting functionality and experience

· Better support.

Whether these are Important enough to you to justify the cost will be based on what kinds of websites you’re building.

This entire Liquid Web Review concentrates on why those aspects will or won’t help you.

Liquid Web’s Products

Unlike other hosting companies, Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting Plans and only offers advanced strategies. They are more expensive HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) but SSDs run quicker and delivers better functionality. Liquid Web offers:

§ Dedicated Servers

§ Cloud Dedicated Servers

§ Managed WordPress

§ Managed WooCommerce

§ Virtual Private Servers

Each item has pricing options Depending upon Your needs and you also save More with yearly plans than monthly plans. To get more information about the goods they offer and discover what suits your requirements, have a peek at Liquid Internet’s Hosting Plans.

General Liquid Web Features

Now that we have an Summary of this Handled WordPress hosting plans, such as how much they cost, it is time to research just what characteristics you get access to, in addition to how they’ve been executed.

Let us start by taking a quick look at the hosting environment and the qualities which will enable you to handle your site more efficiently.

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Linux OS Is the most common operating system for servers, which renders sites that need Windows with fewer choices. Should you require a host for apps like Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, or .NET, Liquid Internet has you covered. Interface which allows users to administer their servers and items like domain names, email, and installed programs. Liquid Web offers two types of control panels so that you can choose the one the fits your needs best.


CPanel is the most frequent controller Panel available on the market. The layout is pretty basic, but it’s intuitive to use. It has a search feature, though discovering specific features can be useful.

Data centres

Instead of a host Data centres can affect how fast your website loads. For example, if your host’s data centres are in the united states, but a lot of your site visitors have been in Japan, your site can load a bit slower.

Liquid Internet has multiple Data centres with locations in Lansing, Michigan, Phoenix, Arizona, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What’s Totally Managed Hosting?

Entirely managed hosting means the hosting firm sets up Everything for your client; in the operating system, network infrastructure, hardware management, security scanning, and 24/7 customer service and other services that are additional.

Pros and Cons

Here is a fast rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of Liquid hosting.


· Fast, specialist support staff

· All high-quality plans

· Wide Assortment of managed hosting options


· Price is high

· No shared hosting

· Knowledgebase is Hard to navigate

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hosting solutions, you’d always need the very best. Web Hosting company to be certain our clients’ websites are up constantly. Liquid Web has been the most reliable hosting company. If You are hosting firm is giving you headaches with host problems and Unresponsive customer care, you check out Liquid Web and let the people there do the work for you.